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upload your designs

Hi, welcome to this upload page. 

Do you have photos, videos and stories that you want to share with us? We would be incredibly thankful. 

Everything you upload to the website will be credited to you. 


You can upload a photo

of the design here:

photo of the design

You can upload a video 

of the design here:

video of the design

What is the design? What is the name of the design? 

Can you tell us something about the design? What is it made for? How is it made? Who made it and why? 

You can tell us in words or you can upload an audiofragment...


Where was the picture or video made? 


What is your name? 

Upload a photo of yourself:

photo of yourself


Who made the design? 

Upload a photo of the maker:

photo of maker

Can we contact you to talk about the design you uploaded? 

Your information will ofcourse stay with us and not be shared with anyone else.

Is there anything else you would like to share, say, suggest?  

Please give us permission to use your images, videos and texts to publish them on this website and to use them for this project. Ofcourse your name will be mentioned with every use of the photo, video or text. 

Thank you so much!

Your content has been succesfully submitted

Something went wrong. 

Please try again later.

Thank you very much. 

You can also contact us on...

Thank you so much for sumitting your images, videos and stories! 

In case something is not working, or if you just want to chat about the project, or anything really, you can contact us through email:

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